CP12 Landlord Gas Certificate

CP12 Gas safety certificate

About 30 people die each year from badly installed or poorly maintained gas appliances and chimneys in the United Kingdom, leading to fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. The Gas Safety Certificates Act here in the UK is part of a set of regulations called the Gas Safety Regulations (Uses and Installation) 1998 (1). These regulations cover all aspects of the installation and uses of gas appliances for commercial and homes purpose, including who can run the gas, how it should be measured and what maintenance should be done.

CP12 Homeowner/Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

The cp12 gas certificate is the official name for the Safety Certificate that is issued every year by a Registered Gas Safety Engineer and applies to all appliances and installations in your kitchen.

The gas safety check will include all gas pipelines, appliances, gas interlock systems and exhaust systems. The inspection will ensure that all parts are covered, for instance, that the awning has the correct appearance, that carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels are not too high, and that there are no gas leaks on any kitchen equipment.

The landlord should care about the Gas Safety certificate

All property owners are responsible for making sure that all rental properties, either domestic or non-domestic with a gas boiler or any gas equipment, undergo an annual gas safety audit. This should be arranged by the homeowner or rental agent and should be done on an annual basis. Why not spare yourself the escalation of calls every year and contact commercial gas safety check, where we can arrange for regular annual safety checks to ensure that your rental property remains gas safe every year. For your convenience, we may even contact the renter to schedule our visit on your behalf.

How to get a Landlord Gas safety certificate?

Call us today, and we will carefully listen to your requirements. Our qualified engineer will check that all the appliance of your nondomestic kitchen is working correctly, with the correct working pressure. They also perform complete system tests and ventilation audits to ensure regulatory compliance and the safe use of devices. The entire process on-site usually takes about an hour, but it may take longer in large commercial spaces.

Once assessed, your gas safety certificate will be emailed on the same day or the next business day. If you are a landlord, you are required to renew your gas safety certificate annually. Landlords must also maintain a record of gas safety inspections for a minimum of four years and issue a final certificate to existing tenants and any new tenants prior to moving in.

commercial gas safety certificate

Can Commercial Gas Safety Check Issue A CP12 Homeowner Gas Safety?

Of course, we can! All of our employees are Registered Gas Safety Engineers who carry out inspections and work required for large domestic installation. If you would like more information on how to obtain an up-to-date commercial gas safety certificate for your premises, or would like to speak with one of our friendly staff about booking an inspection, contact us today.

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