CP42 Gas Certificate

CP42 Gas Certificate

Whether you are using LPG or natural gas in your restaurant, you are required by law to ensure that any gas equipment in your use is inspected and certified by a qualified catering gas safety engineer at least once a year. Your insurance coverage will almost certainly depend on having a valid CP42 Gas Certificate.

If you lease or rent your property, do not think that it is the Landlord’s responsibility. Lease agreements usually contain clauses whereby responsibility for commercial catering gas safety is transferred to the lessee. If in doubt, consult your lawyer.

If you are in a hotel, pub, restaurant, cafe, or similar commercial kitchen and require cp42 gas safety certificate for commercial gas catering equipment, gas burners or hot storage water heaters, we can provide detailed commercial catering gas safety checks to suit your restaurant requirements. These can be entire building gas safety inspections, including restaurant cooking areas, kitchens, laundries, pipelines, boiler rooms, warehouses, manufacturing rooms, gas meter rooms, production lines and more.

Whatever you require a restaurant gas safety certificate or a gas interlock system installation to bring your establishment to current standards. For whatever type of property you are in, we are confident that we can provide you with a personalized quotation of your commercial catering gas certificate at a very competitive price

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Why Choose Commercial Gas Safety Check?

  • Commercial Gas Safety Checks provides a full range of CP42 gas certificate. Our friendly, knowledgeable team can assist with the kitchen upgrades, maintenance and installation of restaurant gas pipework, interlock system and certificated
  • We provide an efficient and friendly service and are always ready to answer any questions. We can also recommend methods to improve property safety and arrange for new equipment to be installed to maximize gas safety and efficiency.
  • In order to issue a valid catering Gas Safety Certificate, we need to carry out a series of tests. This includes: ensuring adequate ventilation, testing the device, checking for tampering or misuse, checking the pressure, checking the security components, and performing a number of additional security tasks.
  • Our dedicated catering gas engineers are available 24/7.

Commercial Catering Gas Safety Certificate

cp42 gas certificate
Commercial catering gas certificate

Key Benefit of Service

CP42 Gas Safety certificate is issued every year by a Registered Gas Safety Engineer and applies to all gas appliances and installations in your Restaurant kitchen. These certifications are specifically designed for commercial kitchens. Usually this:

  • Fast Food / Take Away Gas Certificate
  • Restaurants Gas Safety Certificate
  • Industrial Kitchen Burners Gas Safety Certificate
  • Food production Centre Gas Safety Certificate

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